Thanks to the pioneering work of Mazik Things, it has never been easier to manage thousands of remote metering devices of different makes and models.

From oil and gas utility to telecom to fuel management to many other industries, all you need is the communication protocol to add your hardware on our IoT Cloud Platform for a seamless integration for an unlimited array of M2M applications.

IoT Cloud Platform Integration Possibilities

This amazing engine provides unmatched flexibility and power to:

icon-1Collect data, through Mazik Things IoT cloud products, from field instruments, PLCs, and sensors etc.
icon-2Analyze the data for trends and generate trend reports
icon-3Configure alarms
icon-4SMS and email alerts in different alarm conditions
icon-5Generate configurable reports
icon-6Add third party M2M hardware
icon-7Customize GUI (optional)

Ready To Take On Any Challenge

iot-cloudThe Mazik team is ready to take on any challenge you might have for us.

When you’re looking for an M2M platform that can streamline the flow of valuable resources and assets, you want somebody that can deliver one important thing: control. In the world of remote metering and management, having connectivity means having control.

With unprecedented connectivity, the Mazik Things versatile, robust, and reliable IoT Cloud Platform from Mazik Things puts that control in your hands. Combined with our powerful remote management hardware, we can help you develop the infrastructure that allows you to manage a broad array of unique needs.

Staying current with the latest developments in IoT cloud and M2M technology is what allows us to deliver superior service, every time. Please contact us for details!