When it comes to modern technologies that can be applied across a wide variety of industries, nothing is more versatile than machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and remote monitoring and management. Mazik Things has the expertise, resources, products, and services to deliver efficient and reliable solutions to oil and gas utility companies, fuel management systems, and telecom companies. Here are a few more applications of our asset management solutions.

Building Management Systems

From access control to lighting to alarms and security, our building management systems can do it all. Your business or organization must have a facility that is safe, efficient, and effective at supporting productivity. With building automation, you can control locks, lights, temperature, and more, all at the touch of a button. You’ll get security alerts and alarms to warn you about potential threats to your facility, and will have the ability to react quickly through our IoT cloud platform. Best of all, you don’t even need to be on site to manage your building with the touch of a button.

Environment Monitoring

Keep your employees comfortable and conserve energy with remote monitoring and management of your facility’s environmental system. Set and maintain different temperatures in different areas of your building, and receive alerts and alarms if and when a certain area, such as a server room, drifts out of its preset tolerance.

Remote Server Room Monitoring

In addition to storing your servers at an optimal temperature, you will also want to make sure that each piece of equipment is performing correctly. Mazik Things gives you the power to control these assets at the touch of a button, and from any remote location. You can also enhance security by installing an alarm system and restricting access from certain personnel at any time.

Solar Power System

If your facility includes solar power, it’s important to make sure that everything works reliably and efficiently, even as sunlight fluctuates in intensity. Through remote monitoring and management, Mazik Things helps you integrate your solar cells, batteries, and electrical infrastructure to maintain optimal use of your solar system.

There are no doubt many applications for IoT cloud-supported M2M technology that have yet to be discovered. If you have ideas, we would love to help make your vision a reality. Contact Mazik Things today!