In today’s interconnected world, wireless data customers expect reliable service in virtually every remote corner of the country. In order to stay competitive, networks must maintain a system of base transceiver stations (BTS) that can meet their customers’ demands. With remote monitoring from Mazik Things, your BTS management becomes easier, efficient, and cost-effective. Rather than paying for a workforce of technicians to visit and maintain each BTS in person, our remote monitoring and management systems give you the power to handle almost any situation from a central location. Through robust, reliable products and a versatile IoT cloud platform, you have the ability to monitor and control any BTS power system, interior environment, security, and more. Whatever your BTS management issues might be, Mazik Things has the asset management solution to make sure your wireless network never goes dark.

Our remote monitoring and control systems (RMCS) allow seamless control over the following parameters:

Power System:
Status of the Battery Bank
Battery Bank Voltage
Charging / Discharging Current (Optional)
Individual Cell Voltages (Optional)
Status of the Generator
Status of the Utility Power

Temperature Monitoring
Humidity Monitoring (Optional)
Water Detection through Floor Switch

Proximity Detector
Fence Door Status
Dry Contact for Smoke Detector
Fuel Theft Detection
Panic Switch

Alert Generation to the contractor via SMS & Email
Data History to validate the performance of the contractor
Analytical Reports for Top Management etc.

Remote Control:
Four Relay Contacts to remotely operate siren / lights etc.
Option for remote Hardware-Reset of installed Telecom Equipment

Critical Alarms:
Low Battery Voltages (Battery Bank and Generator Battery)
High Temperature
Fuel Level
Door Access
Two Digital Inputs can be configured for alarms