Mazik Global serves a wide variety of industries with our IoT cloud platform, Remote Metering & Control Solutions (RMCS), Remote Monitoring Solution (RMS), and Asset Management Solution (AMS). The powerful tools we provide are used to enhance productivity, increase safety, and boost efficiency across the world. Here are a few examples of the industries we serve.

Oil & Gas Utility: Our M2M solutions include automated metering infrastructure that can monitor and react to flow rate, temperature, voltage, chemical composition, pressure, and just about anything else that can be measured. Through our IoT cloud these factors can be carefully managed to eliminate human operation error and generate reports to provide valuable insight for resource management.

Telecom: We make it easy to manage every aspect of your array of base transceiver stations (BTS) through automated control and monitoring of their power systems, environment, and security. Through remote monitoring and reporting you can optimize efficiency and be instantly alerted with critical alarms.

Fuel Management Systems: Our Generator Management System (GMS) is designed to allow you to avoid fuel theft, detect unauthorized access, and alert you to maintenance issues. Through remote monitoring you will have access to powerful data logs and real-time measurement of critical factors.

Other: Environment monitoring, building automation, solar system management, and server room monitoring are just a few of the other M2M solutions we can provide to your business. The only limit is your imagination; if you can visualize a use for our technology, we can make it happen!

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