RMCS is developed for monitoring unmanned sites in remote or inaccessible areas where equipment is located.

rmcsThe need for remote meter reading and monitoring is clear, whether it’s a jet pump or compressor installation of an oil producer, BTS of a telecom operator, or a fuel storage facility of a distribution company.

Now, thanks to the fully tailored robust remote monitoring systems from Mazik Things, it’s easier than ever to generate reports, track assets, and streamline your processes. Whatever your specific needs and goals may be, we have the hardware and the IoT cloud connectivity to make your vision a reality.

Benefits of RMCS

Here are just a few of the many benefits of our remote monitoring systems:

icon-alertsInstant alerts and detailed alarms through RMCS greatly reduces facility downtime.

RMCS is fully equipped with data back-tracking technology to help you find the root cause of repeated alarms. With the root cause identified, shutdowns are shorter and your company can focus on the automated operations that are the lifeblood of your facility.

icon-inventoryWith applications like fuel management, RMCS can help you manage inventory from the supplier to the user.

Our asset management systems can track fleets, passengers, and cargo across the country while you monitor from your corporate headquarters. Most importantly, the Mazik Things team is dedicated to superior service and customer satisfaction on every job we take.

The next time you’re in need of a better M2M solution, you can count on us to install, maintain, and upgrade your remote monitoring system to your utmost satisfaction.

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