Machines have their own language, and since they are the lifeblood of many companies, it is important to understand the way they speak. So when your machines aren’t running how they should be, something needs to be able to interpret what is wrong and relay that information in an understandable way. That’s where M2M, or Machine-To-Machine, technology is needed to redefine expectations to meet your needs.

MazikThings is the answer and 4CWireless is the language!

Our IoT/M2M technology can be subdivided into two categories: Hardware and Software. We have developed solutions in-house for major data acquisition units and related software, and we can provide you with a tailored solution to fix your needs. Your remote monitoring system can be easily customized and scalable, providing you with a cost-effective and quality management solution.

Under our product portfolio, we are proud to promote our partners’ hardware and IoT cloud platform services. Having a long working relationship with Microsoft, Sierra Wireless, and other M2M industry leaders allows us to provide remote monitoring and management systems which are more dynamic and quick to implement. Azure from Microsoft provides us a scalable server platform for our Nucleus X-700 and FootPrint while Airlink Gateways from Sierra Wireless gives us the power to meet global communication requirements from a regulatory standpoint.