RMS is designed to facilitate the energy and utility sectors to meet the new demands of the IoT era.

telecom-rmsThe increased ease of connectivity, coupled with robust hardware, make for remote meter reading capabilities that the world has never before seen. The possibilities are truly endless, and Mazik Things has the expertise, skills, and resources to make it all happen. Our M2M platform incorporates remote metering to accomplish any number of versatile processes, from oil fields to school busses to telecom providers.

Nucleus X-700 is the heart of the solution which communicates with the field instruments (like gas chromatographs, electronic volume correctors, power analyzers, and flow meters etc.) for a remote monitoring system that is as versatile as it is reliable. The capability to present data for reports and analysis is also a crucial element of a complete remote monitoring system from Mazik.

RMS Benefits

Some Remove Metering benefits include (but are not limited to): 

check-orange Reduced operational expense
check-orange Minimum human meddling
check-orange Plan load shedding based on historical data
check-orange Powerful analysis for different management levels

Instrument Data Management Platform

Data from various types of instruments of different make and model, is managed on one platform, like: