The Generator Management System, or GMS, is another way that Mazik Things is able to provide seamless remote operation to a wide array of industries. With GMS fuel management, not only do you benefit from increased efficiency; our products can actually alert you to potential issues in your infrastructure, giving you the ability to apply preventative maintenance rather than reacting once the issue has become a problem. Remote monitoring and management of your generator through our IoT cloud platform also allows you to detect unauthorized access and minimize fuel theft from your diesel storage tank. With an asset management solution from Mazik Things, you’ll save yourself and your company time, money, and stress as your generator operates with increased energy efficiency and reliability. We can help you enjoy complete peace of mind with remote monitoring and management of your generator. Read below for some more details about our fuel management solutions.

System Features:

GPRS communication with the server
Option for configurable alarms
SMS/Email alerts in alarm conditions
Configurations upgradeable remotely
Real-time monitoring via Web or Mobile
Data logs to maintain complete back-tracking
GMS tracks and keeps the record of following parameters:
Quantity of Fuel Delivered
Current level of fuel in Storage Tank
Battery voltage of the Generator
Generator Door Status

Software Highlights:

Data logs to maintain complete back-tracking
Real Time Data Monitoring
Daily / Monthly Usage
Alarm Summary
Detailed Parameters etc.
Graphical Representation of Trends
Customized Selection of Parameters
Critical Alarms
Low Battery
High / Low Fuel Level etc.


Generator Management
Fuel Theft Protection
Real Time Fuel Monitoring
Real Time Battery Voltage Monitoring
Contractor Management (optional)


Reduce OPEX
Minimize Theft
Customized Reports for Top Management etc.

System Components:

GMS Main Board
Fuel Level Sensor
Door Sensor