Design and Development for Customized Remote Management

Mazik Things provides the Engineering Design Services for hardware and any related software.

For our off-the-shelf products, we can customize based on your needs. We cater to IoT/M2M, AMR/AMI, Remote Instrumentation, Data-acquisition and Control related projects. Our service domain covers the following:

  • Hardware Design and Prototype Testing
  • Hardware related Software Development… i.e. test routines and firmware
  • High Level Server Software Development

 IoT Cloud Platform Services

If you want to integrate your proprietary hardware or any third party instrument, we can add it into our IoT cloud data collection tool. The only information you need is the communication protocol.

If you are already a user of our IoT Cloud Platform and need to customize it (the controls, GUI or reports), we are here to seamlessly implement the asset management and M2M solutions that meet your needs. For us… Customization is the key to our success.

Please contact us for details!