Mazik Things, from Mazik Global, is a high-tech M2M technology provider for remote monitoring/metering and control applications. Our M2M solutions cater to almost any need… from monitoring a simple temperature logger to more comprehensive data acquisition and control, all managed through our versatile IoT Cloud Platform. Our team is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of this rapidly growing industry, and we also provide resources to help educate our clients and provide them with insight into what’s possible with our M2M solutions.

As Technology Partner to Microsoft and Solution Partner to Sierra Wireless, we have developed the IoT cloud connectivity software and hardware to provide you with an optimal M2M solution to meet the specific requirements your business needs to be industry competitors. We offer the power of continuous connectivity, remote monitoring and control, and instant data transmission and automation. Whatever you can imagine for your M2M solutions, we have the skills and the resources to make them possible.

Mazik Global Inc. is a visionary, experienced, and time proven global IT solution development and implementation company. With more than 320 consultants serving 70+ key strategic customers worldwide, we are recognized for our client-centered approach combined with years of cross industry and technology expertise. As the key development partner of Microsoft Dynamics, Healthcare and IoT Cloud products, we offer unique and unmatched industry experience in ERP, mobile and enterprise solutions.

We’d love to show you everything that’s possible when you work with Mazik Things; contact us today for a free demo!