Remote Monitoring Systems are Vital to Oil and Gas


Oil and gas, as we all know, are two of the most important resources in modern society. These two liquids are responsible for much of the industrialization boom we have seen over the past 150 years and, as a result, have become a large factor in the world economy. With resources this valuable, companies quickly recognized the need for effective monitoring and control. Here at Mazik Things, we are all about effective monitoring and in today’s post we are going to go over a few some of the ways that remote monitoring systems are utilized to ensure the most efficient extraction and transportation of oil and gas.


Oil and Gas Production Uses Multiple Remote Monitoring Systems


Below, we have listed a few of the vital components in oil and gas production that utilize remote monitoring systems to improve efficiency and production.



  • Compressors: The remote monitoring of compressors, the machines responsible for keeping oil and gas at a specified pressure, is vital to pipelines. Compressor downtime can cost thousands of dollars per hour if a malfunction occurs but, through the use of remote monitoring systems, this downtime can typically be avoided.
  • Tanks: It is estimated that there are around 700,000 petroleum storage tanks in the United States. Remote monitoring systems are used to ensure that the tanks do not experience any leaks and that if any leaks or overflow do occur, technicians are aware almost instantly.
  • Rectifiers: Rectifiers are used in tanks, wells, and other critical equipment by sending a current through the exterior of a pipe to keep it from corroding. Remote monitoring systems allow workers to monitor the voltage and current readings of multiple pipes without having to physically drive to the pipes location to take the reading.
  • Pipeline Inspection Gauges: Pipeline inspection gauges are used in pipelines to take pictures and readings to detect any corrosion or anomalies in the pipes that could lead to leaks or ruptures. This helps technicians to stay ahead of problems before they occur saving valuable time and money.
  • Lease Automatic Custody Transfer: LACT meters are used extensively in the transfer of petroleum products from production companies to gathering companies. Many of these meters are located in remote areas that are not easy to access, however, with remote monitoring systems, technicians are able together the meter readings without visiting the physical location.
  • Test Points: Test points are used to measure the potential of pipe-to-soil contaminations in order to ensure effective cathodic protection. Because these test points are buried under the ground, remote monitoring solutions are pivotal in allowing technicians to gather data from these points to ensure that the pipes are as healthy as possible.



To learn more about remote monitoring systems and their applications in a wide variety industrial fields, please visit the Mazik Things website today. We offer a wide variety of remote monitoring solutions to help businesses ensure that their vital resources are being utilized as effectively as possible.


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