Increase Uptime With Remote Monitoring Systems


If you have been keeping up with current energy trends, it should come as no surprise that the renewable energy market is booming. In particular, wind power has seen a construction boom due in part to the fact that the United States government set a goal to provide 20 percent of the nation’s energy from windmills by 2030. With this goal in mind, wind power enthusiasts have been looking for any and all opportunities to increase the functionality and efficiency of the windmills being produced. One strategy that is being implemented is the use of remote monitoring systems to ensure that windmills are performing as they should. Here at Mazik Things, we are huge proponents of remote monitoring systems, and in today’s post, we wanted to talk about the effects these systems are having on uptime in relation to windmills and why this uptime is so important.


How Does Uptime Relate to Remote Monitoring Systems?


Uptime is defined as the time during which a machine is in operation. This is the time when the machine is functioning properly and there are no faults or failures affecting its efficiency. One of the biggest challenges that faces wind power is the inherent difficulty in ensuring that the windmills are performing as they should. Windmills must be able to resist natural elements, adjust to changing loads, and stay mechanically sound in order to do their job properly. While these may sound like simple requirements, windmills are particularly difficult to work with because of their size. These machines are made from, literally, tons of metal and are made on such a large scale that it is not particularly easy for maintenance workers to repair them if something goes wrong. Fortunately, remote monitoring systems allow technicians to keep track of a windmill’s performance from a remote location, giving them the ability to monitor for failures before they happen. This is not only important from a mechanical standpoint, but from a financial one as well.


Remote Monitoring Systems Save Money


When it comes to windmills, two factors are directly correlated to project profitability. First, engineers must consider efficiency or how well the windmill performs when it is in operation. Second, the availability of the windmill, the time it can be used to generate power, must be carefully considered when choosing a location for a windmill farm. When a windmill’s performance is broken down into these two factors, it quickly becomes apparent why remote monitoring systems are so valuable. Windmills, by nature, are not designed to constantly produce power but are instead designed to take advantage of peak production times. Remote monitoring systems help to ensure that the windmill is able to take advantage of the peak production times by making sure that everything is working as it should. A gearbox failure during peak production time is an issue that can cost windmill operators thousands of dollars and is something that should be avoided at all costs.
If you are interested in learning more about remote monitoring systems or you have a project that requires a remote monitoring solution, please contact us today at Mazik Things. We strive to provide effective and reliable remote monitoring systems to help our customers ensure that their vital mechanical resources are performing at an optimal level.

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