If you are in the oil industry, you know how much equipment is needed to keep things running smoothly and safely. You also know how costly it can be to keep your sites operating: there are transportation costs to each site location, the cost of field measurement tools, and emergency repair costs when things aren’t working like they should. Imagine if you could cut down on these costs by monitoring your equipment remotely.

What Could a Remote Monitoring System Measure?

Many components of the oil industry must be accurately measured and taken care of quickly when issues arise. Here are some of the assets that can be optimized and save you money when you invest in a remote monitoring system:

  • Compressors – Measure the pressure and temperature readings.
  • Tanks – Monitor the tanks to ensure there is no overflow or spills.
  • Lease Automatic Custody Transfer Meters – See volume readings without traveling to the sites.
  • Rectifiers – Measure the current and voltage to ensure your pipeline lasts.
  • Test Points – See the data and avoid traveling to the sites themselves, which can be spread out over thousands of miles.
  • Pipeline Inspection Gauges – Use GPS-synch time within your remote monitoring system to keep technicians on top of the gauges’ readings.
  • Gas Meters – Predict purchases by date, quantity, and cost.

The oil and gas industries simply need to transition towards remote monitoring systems in order to stay efficient and ahead of the competition. That’s where we come in.

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