1. Remote Monitoring In Telecom Pt. 2

    Telecommunications Relies Heavily on Remote Monitoring Systems   How often do you use your smartphone throughout the day? If you’re anything like the average person, you are probably on your phone more than you would like to admit. Here at MazikThings, we pass no judgement on how often you are on your phone. Personally, we use our phones as much as or more than most people, so we understand…Read More

  2. Let Remote Metering Solutions Help Your Business

    Imagine your business tracks the temperature of hundreds of oil wells around the country. You keep meters on every single one and constantly have employees check the readings. Employees even work overnight to keep a close eye on the readings, all so you can be sure the temperature is where it should be. What if you could monitor the temperature of all your oil wells from your cell phone? Mazik Th…Read More