Mazik Things is at the forefront of the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, and our position allows us to see ways to improve the efficiency, reliability, and affordability of processes in a wide array of industries. We have the hardware and software to implement a remote monitoring system that can serve your business in ways that your competitors may not even be aware of. With machine-to-machine communication, just about any parameter you can think of can be measured and regulated through fully automated processes. Here are some examples of the parameters that an IoT platform from Mazik Things can manage within your environment.

Electrical properties such as voltage, current, and AC frequency can be efficiently regulated, making our products especially applicable to generators and power grid systems. Maintenance alerts can be set to let you know when there is a problem with the equipment, and power leaks can be easily detected to reduce operating costs.

Fluids such as gas or liquid fuel can be monitored and regulated for quantity, flow rate, compressibility, and chemical composition, providing for a remote monitoring system design that’s well-suited to gas and utility services. Automated data logging of these parameters makes it easy to detect fuel theft and to receive alerts when water or foreign substances find their way into the equipment.

Environmental properties including temperature, humidity, and pressure make it easy to regulate any space in your business facility. Server rooms are one example in which these parameters must be kept within a narrow tolerance in order to protect sensitive equipment.

While Mazik Things is currently providing remote monitoring systems and solutions to the industries mentioned in these examples, these parameter controls have virtually limitless applications. Contact Mazik Things today; we would love to hear your ideas!