Mazik Things provides machine-to-machine, or M2M solutions that are built on solid scientific principles. These principles allow us to deliver software and hardware that can help you regulate a multitude of parameters in your business environment and infrastructure. One very important concept we use to do this is something known as a negative feedback loop.

Feedback loops occur in systems where the output, or effect, becomes an input, or cause. If you’ve ever witnessed a microphone held too close to a speaker to which it’s connected, you’re familiar with one of the most common forms of feedback. That loud screech is produced by a positive feedback loop. Sound is picked up by the mic, sent to an amplifier, and reproduced at higher volume by the speaker. If the sound from the speaker is then inputted back into the mic, the volume is increased in the next cycle. The result is a runaway effect in which sound produced by the speaker builds and builds, ultimately resulting in a very unpleasant noise.

Negative feedback loops are much more useful, because they create an effect that regulates, rather than escalates. A good example is the temperature control system of a server room. A thermostat monitors the room temperature and sends commands to the cooling system. If the temperature rises above its programmed threshold, the air conditioning kicks in, bringing the temperature back down. After running for a while, the temperature may approach the lower limit of the specified range. When this happens, the thermostat shuts the AC off, thereby causing the room to slowly warm until it’s time to start the whole process over again. In this way, the room temperature can be regulated for any desired range.

Complex power grid systems, generators, and fuel delivery infrastructure all depend on negative feedback loops facilitated by remote monitoring and machine-to-machine communication. Mazik Things delivers M2M solutions for these and many other applications. Contact us today, and find out what we can do for you!